“Three of my Single A ballplayers attended Weiss Baseball Camp.  Two of them are rather shy and at times lack confidence.  These coaches not only taught all of these boys developmentally appropriate skills and strategies of the game, but also gave them the confidence they needed to be a little more aggressive on the field.  Watching my own son walking around with his chest puffed out on the last day was enough to bring a tear to my eye.  Coach Weiss is just the best and his staff is incredible.  We are all walking away from this camp with increased energy and enthusiasm for our next season!” – Dani

“It is a bit mind boggling to me that any kid can joyfully go to camp in 90-100 degree weather!  Owen was always clamoring to go and it’s been fun recanting the weeks events.  We saw his confidence grow to try new things and he had an amazing experience.  He is begging to go back!” – Kristine

“I want to let you know that the boys really enjoyed baseball camp.  They loved going each day and learned a lot during the week that they were there.” – Gail

“Thank you so much for hosting such a fun camp. Jack had a great time & really enjoyed getting to know you. He loves baseball & really enjoyed all the games and activities at camp. You made learning fun!” – Jennifer

“My boys had a blast. They were challenged, encouraged, and motivated. They told me that the drills made the camp exciting and fun.. There is a mix of ‘seriousness’ and ‘play’ at this age level that either engages or disengages boys in this age group. I think your camp encompassed a thoughtful and effective mix that helped my boys progress in the sport they love.” – Bob

Thank you to all of the parents of past campers who make these camps possible! Your effort and kind words are greatly appreciated!               -Brent Weiss